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5 simple steps to run your first 360° feedback assessment

1. Sign up

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2. Create your first project

  • Just click the 'Create new project' button
  • You can create a test project and delete it later
  • You can add some team members to help you administer your project if you want

3. Review the design

  • All new projects are set-up with our best practice questionnaire, email and report templates
  • You can customize the templates online
  • We recommend running a trial assessment first, and then decide what changes to make.

4. Collect feedback

  • Add the participants individually, or upload them in bulk using our Excel template
  • You can choose the feedback providers, or ask the participants to (with an optional approval step)
  • It's easy to monitor progress and send reminders.

5. Share the results

  • Our employee-friendly feedback reports make it easy to prioritize and plan personal development
  • Download or share the reports by email
  • Review the group results online.
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