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Autodesk is a global software company that specialises in 3D design software for use in the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media and entertainment industries.


"We no longer argue about the scores or who said what. Instead we quickly identify the areas to improve, and spend most of the time talking about how we are going to do this."
Chiamin Lau, Manager, Autodesk - Singapore

At Autodesk, the Partner Services & Operations team had used a number of 360 tools in the past with mixed results.

They needed a tool that was flexible enough to support customization of the project (based on their competency framework), whilst keeping reports easy to understand.

Since finding Spidergap, they have been using it multiple times a year with over 250 leaders and managers.

They cite Spidergap's ease of use and customer support as being 'fantastic', but the biggest win is the impact of Spidergap's employee-friendly reports, which have helped them to focus on the action they'll take to address areas for improvement.

This has been powerful at an individual level, but also for the teams as a whole, using Spidergap's group reports to identify where training and development resources would be of most benefit.

Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment is the global company responsible for the PlayStation brand of games consoles and software.


"Spidergap makes it really easy to see where the team and I should focus our efforts to improve."
Alex Davidson, Senior Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment - San Francisco

Sony Computer Entertainment have been running 360s on an ad hoc basis for many years but previously relied on external consultants to provide this service. As a result, the time and cost made it prohibitive to make 360s available to all staff.

The ability to run and manage 360s through Spidergap without external support has been of huge benefit in terms of cost savings.

Sony also found that employees valued the 360 feedback reports more too; identifying that the way priorities were presented made them feel less like they needed to 'defend' themselves against the feedback, and instead could take action on it.

Employees felt comfortable sharing their reports with senior leaders and peers, providing them with greater support of their personal development plans.

Fitness First

Fitness First is the largest privately owned health club group in the world, with 540 clubs worldwide reaching over 1 million members in 21 countries.


"I just look at reporting suite and breathe a sigh of relief - this is going to save us a lot of pain and that's why I like it."
Tim Joynt, HR Director for Asia, Fitness First - Malaysia

Fitness First Asia ran an exercise assessing over 400 managers across their Fitness First estate in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Fitness First Asia required a shift from manual distribution and consolidation to an automated solution that would allow them to more efficiently and effectively align the activity with their business objectives. The decision to engage Spidergap was also made with affordability and scalability in mind.

Timelines were tight and within just a few weeks, Spidergap supported the team in customising their project, addressing language issues, and issuing and managing over 3000 invitations for individuals to provide feedback across the Asia estate.

As a result, employees receiving their 360s said that the results were "generated in a very easy to read format highlighting the key takeaways" and that "the feedback is of tremendous value in providing insight into how others see me as an individual".

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