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  • Best practice questionnaire template
  • Fully customizable questionnaire
  • Flexible ways of collecting feedback
  • Employee-friendly reports
  • Personal development plan
  • Add your logo
  • Anonymize feedback
  • Translate into 100+ languages


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  • Self-enrollment
  • File hosting
  • Report customizations
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)


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With an average score of 4.8, Spidergap is the top rated 360° Feedback solution on Capterra — an external reviews site run by Gartner.
“It was amazing. The Spidergap team were awesome in helping me work out any problems that I had. I was working outside of my normal comfort zone so their assistance was greatly appreciated. The assessment is out to the raters now, including me!”
Katie Gaier
Marin Clean Energy
“This is a fantastic tool! User friendly, nicely designed and customisable at will. We now offer Spidergap as a solution to a lot of our clients.”
Guillaume Gevrey
Principle Consultant
“Very user friendly interface with great customisation especially in design and reminder comms. Help desk are on hand and very effective (in my experience). The reports they generate are really interesting and detailed.”
James R.
Operations Consultant
Capterra review
“On the demo, Ryan did a great job of showing me the system, answering all of my questions and customizing it to my needs. So excited!”
Kathleen Sullivan
“I love the simplicity of the system with the ability to create bespoke reports which are presented well and easy to interpret.”
Wendy N.
“Support is quick and the team always helpful when needed. Would fully recommend this product.”
Amy Whitty
New Look
“You've thought of everything we needed to do this right. The tool is easy to use and flexible. The support staff are exceptionally helpful and quick to respond!”
Lorri C.
Corporate Training
“With this report, I can actually say, hand-on-my-heart, that these are the learning priorities of these individuals. Now, that's powerful.”
Phillip Allen
L&D Consultant
“The product itself is highly customizable and easy to use. The team exceeds expectations at every turn. They monitor your project and reach out to check in at all the important milestones.”
Erica H.
Learning Facilitator
Capterra review
“Incredible customer support - responsive, consistently goes the extra mile, friendly, and ALWAYS happy to help. I've never felt like a bother and have been blown away by the experience.”
Katie C.
HR Generalist
“I selected Spidergap for its ease of use and flexibility. The feedback from those who completed the assessments has been very positive, particularly regarding the simplicity and visual presentation of the reporting. Based on my experience, I would happily recommend Spidergap.”
Emily Ritchey
VP of Human Resources
“The only limits are your own imagination. They provide tools and resources to help guide you in the right direction and determine how to convert the data collected into actionable steps.”
Carol Ann F.
HR Business Partner
Capterra review
“I chose Spidergap because the reports and results are professional, easy to understand and customizable. I ended up getting so much more than I anticipated. The service I got from the team was exceptional.”
Janet F.
Org Development Consultant
“I've never had a company provide better customer service, be so professional, kind, and just all around helpful and knowledgeable. I had a great experience with Spidergap. I highly recommend it and I'm very likely to use it again.”
Antonette A.
“I really loved how easy SpiderGap was to use as well as the level of support that you receive. We had people checking in on us regularly and were always there to help us! 10/10”
Kirsten B.
HR Generalist
“Very easy to set up and administer, excellent online step by step guidance plus access to real people if you need help. A great standard set up but quick and easy if you want to customise any part of it.”
Peter B.
Operations Director
Capterra review
“The support from Spidergap throughout our project has been amazing, they're always quick to respond to even the littlest of questions and it seems there is always a solution.”
Susan Rochester
Balance at Work
“The support we've received has been fantastic - the team are always looking to improve the tool, and were happy to give feedback on our project which was really useful.”
Adrian Willmott
“So customisable, interactive, convenient, clear, smart and digestible. All our clients are very impressed by the platform and quality of the reports. Employees like using the platform and as an administrator/facilitator, the set up is simple, intuitive and considered.”
Georgia R.
HR Consulting Partner
“This was an extremely positive experience. The training, customer service, onboarding, coaching…the instrument and the process was excellent. The team accommodated our needs - as a business coach I will definitely use SpiderGap again and highly recommend it to others!”
Verified customer
Business Consultant

Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

To test out Spidergap, you can run one 360° Feedback assessment completely free. You'll get all the standard functionality included in the Starter package, as well as support from our 360° Feedback experts.

You can start by signing up for your free trial here, or you can schedule a demo and run a trial after we speak.

How does billing work when we add or remove users?

At Spidergap, you are only charged for users who you collect feedback for. We do not charge for administrators or people providing the feedback.

When you collect feedback about someone, you use 1 user license.

The license is activated on the date that you create the feedback assessment and lasts for a full 12 months (regardless of when your Starter/Professional/Enterprise plan renews). This allows you to collect feedback for an employee multiple times over the 12 month period, should you wish to.

You can buy your licenses up front, or pay for them in arrears. At the end of each month, we will review how many licenses you have used, and you will be billed for any licenses that haven't already been paid for.

As long as you have a base plan (Standard/Professional/Enterprise), any unused licenses will not expire. So if you purchase 50 and only use 39, then 11 will still be available the following year.

You do not need to remove users to reduce your costs. You will only be charged each year for the users that you collect feedback for.

Will Spidergap work well for me as a consultant?

Yes — Spidergap's a great choice for consultants!

Roughly 25% of our customers are consultants who choose Spidergap for its flexibility as well as it's employee-friendly reports, focus on impact and customer service. Spidergap's pricing works great for one-off projects and leadership development programs, as well as annual employee 360s.

What are the payment options?

We recommend paying by debit/credit card. You can also download your invoice and pay by bank transfer.

User licenses are added to your account as soon as payment is received.

Do you offer a discount for non-profits?

Yes — we're happy to offer a 15% discount for charities and academic users (e.g. professors and students).

To get your discount, simply reach out to and share your details.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Simply open your billing settings and turn off auto-renewal.

You can continue to use Spidergap to collect feedback until your plan expires.

After your plan has expired, you can continue to login to Spidergap to access past feedback reports. However, you will not be able to access results or reports for any new assessments.

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