Sample report

Our unique reports make it really easy for employees to prioritize and plan their personal development.

"With this report, I can actually say, hand-on-my-heart, that these are the learning priorities of these individuals. Now, that's powerful."
Philip Allen Philip Allen, L&OD consultant
Institute of Fundraising

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What's in the report

Our report contains 3 sections:

  1. Summary of your results
  2. Your personal development plan
  3. Appendix: Detailed results

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Your results

This 4-page summary brings together everyone's feedback about the employee's performance. It helps the employee to identify the areas they want to improve in their personal development plan.

Your personal development plan

We provide a personal development plan for the employee to fill in, either on their own or with their line manager. We recommended that they focus on 3-5 areas to improve!

Appendix: Detailed results

The detailed results give the employee a complete breakdown of the feedback given about them.

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