Can I use different report designs for different people?

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There are times when you may want to have two different report designs about the same employee e.g. one report showing views of every category of respondent (for the manager) and one report showing only the views of self + manager (for the employee).

To do this:

  1. First edit the report settings to design the report for the manager:

  2. Download the individual reports as PDFs and share them with the appropriate manager(s) *Note, following the update on 12th September 2015, you'll be able to share reports with managers in bulk.

  3. Then go back to the report settings (like in step 1) and amend the reports to how you want to display them for the employees

    4.Once ready, share the reports with the employees

Please note that if you want different groups of employees to have different reports (e.g. Leaders vs. Managers vs. Non-managers) then you may be better having three separate 360 assessments/projects for this purpose. To do this, copy an assessment and then amend the report settings as explained above in step 1.