How can I add an N/A option to rating questions in an assessment?

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Categories: Design & set-up: FAQs

If you would like to allow respondents to select an N/A option when providing feedback, you can do so from the online designer.

  1. Go to the assessment you want to amend, and go to the 'Design questionnaire' area.

  2. Click 'Designer' to switch from Preview to Designer mode.

  3. Click to edit the rating scale (where is says 'Edit rating scale') on the Left Hand side of the designer:

  4. Then click 'Edit scale' on the right hand side of the box that opens up:


  5. Click 'Add N/A'.

  6. You can (optionally) choose to give the N/A option a longer name e.g. 'Not observed' or 'I don't know'.


  7. When done, click 'Save dimensions' to close the box and save the changes.

  8. Finally, you can then review the change you've made using the Preview tab.