How to share the individual 360 feedback reports

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When you are ready to share the individual 360 feedback reports:

  1. Open the relevant project from your My projects page
  2. Either:
    • Open the reports page (Results > Reports) and then click the Share reports... button
    • or Open the participants page (Feedback > Participants) and then click Actions > Share reports...
  3. Select who you wish to share reports with. You can either share reports with the people who have been assessed, or their report reviewers.

  4. Click Share reports to share the reports!

What happens when you share reports

When you share the reports:

  1. Each person will receive an email containing a unique link with which to downoad their report. It will look something like this: (but you can edit the email template if you wish!)

  2. Once a report is downloaded, the link will be deactivated. This is to prevent participants from accidentally sharing their report (e.g. if they forward their email onto a colleague)
  3. When a download link has been deactivated, the user can still use it, but instead of downloading the report, it will provide a form with which they can request a new link:

  4. If they fill in this form, they will be emailed a new link with which to download their report.