How do I add / remove the rating scale description in the questionnaire?

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Wherever you would like the rating scale description to appear, you can create a 'Text content'box and insert the field: [Scale]. The rating scale description looks like this in the questionnaire (when being filled in):


Adding / removing is done using the questionnaire designer:

  1. Go to your assessment and click 'Design questionnaire'

  2. Click the 'Designer' tab.

If you want to remove the scale, find the text content containing the offending '[Scale]' field and remove that field.

If you want to add the scale, use the questionnaire designer:

  1. Click & drag to add 'text content'


  2. You'll be presented with a 'rich text editor':


  3. Enter the field '[Scale]' and click 'Save':


  4. The text content will show a preview like this:


  5. You can click 'Show all text content' to see how the scale will look (or go to the Preview tab):