Why are you called Spidergap?

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When we first started, we used this really powerful visual in all our reports:


It shows the current and desired performance based on the areas assessed, and allows you to identify where the gaps are.

We liked the idea of referencing this key visual in our name, so chose 'Spidergap' as the name we gave to the tool.

However, although some customers told us that the chart in the individual report was our USP ('Unique Selling Point'), we found that many employees were confused by this chart when reviewing their feedback report.

As you’d expect, we actively seek and take action on feedback, so we removed the chart from the individual reports.

We have kept the name as it reminds us that it's really important to take action based on feedback, even if it means changing something you initially thought was a strength.

We do still use the spidergraph. You'll find it in the group results and there's still an option to add it to your individual reports as well.