Can I use the same email address for multiple people?

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In Spidergap, we use email addresses as a way of uniquely identifying each employee.

It means we know that Catherine Jenkins and Cat Jenkins are really the same person as they share the email address

We understand that some businesses do use the same email address for multiple people, so we have a few workarounds below. 

How to support employees who share an email address

Let's imagine you have a shop in London with 3 employees you want to collect 360 Feedback for: Jane, Mike and Zixia. 

You have an email address for contacting the shop manager: But you don't have a unique email address for each employee.

In this case you will need to use a fake email address for each employee in the format name@noemail:

  • jane@noemail
  • mike@noemail
  • zixia@noemail

This will meet our requirement of each employee having a unique email address. Our system will realize that the @noemail address isn't a real email address, so won't try to send out any emails. Instead, you will need to share the links that each person needs to use to provide feedback etc. through a different method.

You can find instructions on how to find and share the links here.

How to support an employee reusing an existing email address

Let's imagine you have a ship with 3 key employees you want to collect 360 Feedback for: Andrew the captain, Samantha the first mate and Pete who runs the onboard shop.

However, rather than giving each employee a unique email address, your business uses an email address that identifies their position instead:


Initially, this isn't a problem. But after a year, Pete leaves the shop and Axel is hired to take over the shop.

We now have a problem: the email address is being used in Spidergap for both Pete and Axel.

In this case, the solution is to update Pete's details in Spidergap to set his email address to pete@noemail. This will free up the email address so Axel can now use it.