Can I upload participant details using an Excel file?

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Yes you can - first, you'll need to download the bulk upload template:

  1. Open the 'Collect feedback' page, and click 'Add people'.

  2. Click 'Download template (Excel)': Screenshot%202015-09-12%2007.36.16.png

  3. Follow the instructions in the Excel template to identify who will be assessed in one sheet, and (optionally) who will assess them in another sheet. Note: Don't leave gaps or blank cells as can cause errors that stop the upload.

  4. Save the Excel file somewhere that you'll find easy to find (e.g. your 'My Documents' folder, and return to Spidergap.

  5. Click the 'Upload spreadsheet' button:


  6. Select the Excel file you want to upload.

  7. Once uploaded, you will see a list of all the people who will be assessed

  8. You can preview the emails, when ready 'click 'Send invitations' to send the invitations: