Can I set up an assessment in my language?

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We currently provide limited support for other languages.

Current support for other languages

We support most language characters (using UTF-8), so you can translate:

We also have a questionnaire template set up in Spanish that you can use as a starting point. You can contact support to get access ( .


  • The validation messages (e.g. telling you that you must enter a valid email address) and success/failure messages on the questionnaire (e.g. telling you whether your response has been received) are only available in English
  • The page for employees to choose their feedback providers is only available in English (- not an issue if you, the administrator, will choose who provides feedback)
  • The page for managers to approve the list of feedback providers is only available in English (- not an issue if this page is not used)
  • The individual feedback report is only available in English
  • All administrator pages are only available in English
  • We do not currently support more than one language in an assessment. i.e. if you need questionnaires in both English and Portuguese, you will need to create 2 separate assessments in Spidergap.

Planned future support for other languages

We plan to provide users with the ability to fully translate everything that a participant (someone being assessed or providing feedback) uses.

This will include:

  • All of the questionnaire (including the text used in validation messages, buttons, etc.)
  • The emails that are sent to participants
  • The pages used by employees/managers to select/approve feedback providers
  • The individual feedback report.

The is expected to be available in the second half of 2017.

If you would like to be alerted of when specific languages become available, please contact our sales team ( Just advise us what language(s) you need, when you run your 360 assessments, and how many people are likely to be involved. The more demand we get for your language(s), the sooner it is likely to be available :)