How is data transferred and stored?

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Spidergap treat data security and privacy seriously.


We securely store user and response data:

  • Data is stored in a MySQL database
  • The website and database are hosted by Rackspace in the UK
  • Data is transmitted using SSL/TLS (similar to online banking websites)

User roles and access

Project administrators are able to signup at where they can set up and administer 360 feedback projects. Project administrators can change their details, (including their password) from the 'My Account' area. 

Other users are given access via unique URLs when necessary (no login):

  • People choosing feedback providers and receiving feedback
  • Approvers approving feedback providers
  • Feedback providers providing feedback
  • People being assessed and/or report reviewers downloading their report

How data is transmitted


  1. All data is captured through the website (encrypted via SSL) and stored in our own database
  2. Various administrative steps (assessment set-up, managing participants, reviewing feedback) are completed by the administrator using the site.
  3. The administrator can export progress and and results into Excel if required.

When running a 360:

  1. Administrator logs in and selects participants and desired process
  2. (Optionally) People being assessed receive an email and click on link to select their feedback providers. No login required.
  3. (Optionally) Approvers receive an email and click on link to review/approve feedback providers. No login required.
  4. Feedback providers receive an email and click on link to provide feedback. No login required.
  5. (Optionally) Project administrators send reminder emails to participants with outstanding actions
  6. Project administrators share reports with report reviewers and/or people being assessed (link to download PDF shared by email).

Please note that this document does not set out our legal terms or privacy statement, you can find these here: