Can I change individual responses (e.g. fix typos, remove overly negative language etc.)?

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We generally don't encourage amending feedback, as it risks changing the intending meaning of the feedback by accident. However, if you do need to make changes we recommend that you:

  1. Save the response as a PDF (or print it) so you have a copy of the original

  2. Open the response in a new window (to make it easy to Copy & Paste from)

  3. Use the other window to delete the response that was submitted

  4. Re-submit the response (use the same link that the feedback provider used originally) by coping & pasting from the original response you opened in a new window, and making changes as required

  5. Explain (perhaps as an email to the employee's manager) the changes that have been made and the reasons for this & provide them with PDFs (or print-outs) of the original & amended versions