How do I transfer ownership of a project?

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Categories: Administering your 360 projects

Every project in Spidergap has a single 'Owner'.

The 'Owner' is special as:

  • The owner always has full administration access to the project (including access to the responses and the ability to add and remove other team members)
  • Unlike with other team members in the project, there is no way of giving the owner limited access to their project.
  • The credits used by a project will be taken from the owner's account.

It's possible to transfer the ownership of a project to another Spidergap user.

To do so:

  1. Select the project you wish to transfer from your My projects page

  2. Open the Settings area from the menu on the left side of the page

  3. Click the Add team member button


  4. Provide the email address of the user you wish to transfer the project to, and then select to transfer ownership of this project


  5. Click Add team member and the project will be transferred.