Can respondents 'save' their progress and return to finish the assessment later?

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Categories: Collect feedback: FAQs

We firmly believe surveys should designed be short enough to complete in one go (evidence suggests that when people 'save progress' & 'plan to return' completion rates drop significantly and the quality of feedback suffers).

We don't allow people to save progress online as this would either:

  • Create a privacy risk (where personal feedback data could be accessed via a link), or
  • Require each respondent to have their own unique login details.

Instead, respondents can save progress to their local drive. To do this, they should:

  1. Print the assessment as a PDF

  2. Save the PDF somewhere secure (that other colleagues cannot access)

  3. When ready to return to complete the assessment, use the same link as before to return to the assessment

  4. Use the PDF to re-complete the assessment (you can copy & paste text answers to avoid re-typing)

  5. Complete the rest of the assessment and 'Submit' the assessment to send the data securely to our servers (wait until you get confirmation).

  6. Delete the PDF from your local drive.