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Online feedback questionnaires

Our feedback questionnaires are online and easy-to-use. Instructions are sent by email; respondents do not need to login.

Best-practice questionnaire template

We provide you with a best-practice questionnaire to get started. It's entirely customizable using the online designer.

Free expert guidance

Our experts are happy to discuss any aspect of your 360° Feedback exercise - we want to make sure it's a great success!

Questionnaire designer

Start with our best-practice questionnaire template, and then customize it using our online questionnaire designer.

Scale from 5 to 50,000 employees

We've included a variety of powerful ways to choose and manage participants that work effectively at any scale.

Responsive email support

Many of our customers highlight our friendly and quick-to-respond support team as being the best they've ever experienced. How can we help you?

Employee-friendly feedback reports

Our unique feedback reports make it really easy for employees to prioritize their personal development. Download sample report

Add your logo

You can add your logo to your questionnaire and employee feedback reports. Easy but effective branding!

Team reports and analysis

View the overall results for all employees, and filter to review specific groups. See where you should invest your learning budget.

Multi-language support

Translate our questionnaire and feedback reports into your language.

Secure data

Your data will always be stored and transferred securely so you can rest at ease.

Personal development plans

A personal development plan template is included in the employee feedback reports. Make sure the feedback leads to action!

Protect employee confidentiality

You can set up your reports to anonymise feedback if desired. We're happy to help you set this up in the best way for your organization.

Export data to Excel

You can export all of the feedback you've collected to Excel. It's your data and you can use it however you wish!

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Custom functionality

We are happy to help with custom functionality you need. If it's a requirement for other customers as well, this could be free!


We support integration with many solutions via Excel. Talk to us about further integrations that would save you time.


Need to provide training and support to a wide group with limited resource? Our experienced team of training providers can help!

Project support

We know what's required to run a successful end-to-end 360 feedback exercise, and our experienced consultants can support you throughout.

Fully managed 360s

We can manage your entire 360 process end-to-end. We save you time while making sure the project delivers a clear ROI to your organization.

Frequently asked questions

How many times can I assess an employee?

These prices are based on the number of times you assess an employee. So you'll need to buy 2 assessments to assess the same employee twice.

If you plan to assess employees multiple times a year, check out our subscription pricing.

How many people can provide feedback?

We allow you to collect feedback from up to 30 people as standard. If you require more than this, please let us know.

What if I need to increase the number of employees assessed in the future?

It's easy to add additional employees in the future. You will be charged at the pricing band that represents the most employees you have purchased in a single transaction.

For example, if you buy 50 employees at £35 each and then wish to buy an additional 10 assessments, then these will also be charged at £35 per employee.

When do I need to pay?

You don't need to pay anything (or provide your credit card details) to get started with our free trial. You need to pay for more employees once you've used the free assessment included in your free trial.

Is there a time limit on the trial?

No - you can take as long as you need.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No - you just pay for the employees you need to assess. If you need to assess more in future, then you can buy more then.

Will we get a free assessment for each administrator in our organization?

The free trial is intended for testing out Spidergap. As a result, only one user in your organization will be given a free credit. If you genuinely need additional credits to demonstrate Spidergap to your colleagues, then get in touch.

Is there a time limit to assess the employees, once I have paid?

Assessments need to start within 1 year of the credits being purchased. Any unused credits are non-refundable.

Do you offer a discount to charities / academic users?

Yes - we're happy to offer a 15% discount for charities and academic users (professors, students, etc.)